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Carbide-Tipped Circular Diamond Saw Blades

Blades & Bits offers circular carbide cutting blades at the best price value in the market. With our selection of carbide circular saw blades that are designed with high-grade diamond, you’re sure to get precise, consistent cuts every single time. Not only do carbide-tipped saw blades provide a faster, cleaner cut, but they also offer a smoother finish in most cases, decreasing the amount of necessary secondary clean-up steps. In addition, these blades are prone to a longer life span than most other blades.

The carbide blades in our selection are perfect for cutting through green concrete within three hours of finish. The tough tips make it easy to cut through hard surfaces that might otherwise require a lot of work. These blades are also universally made to fit all early-entry green concrete saws. With our selection of blades, your job just got a little bit easier.

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Our Price: $93.12