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Storm 1 Diamond Cup Wheel

Storm 1 cup wheels are a powerful tool for smoothing concrete for surface preparation. We offer a wide selection of sizes ranging from 4-inch to 7-inch cup wheels for either wet or dry applications. The Storm 1 is perfect for contractors looking for an affordable cup wheel solution that can withstand frequent use on a range of materials. Whether you’re working with concrete or stone, marble or masonry, the Storm 1 diamond wheel has what it takes to get the job done fast.

The Storm 1 is versatile, powerful and durable. It is built to power through the toughest jobs to save you time and money over the life of your projects. Order the Storm 1 cup wheel now for your surfacing needs, and take advantage of our affordable prices and fast shipping on all orders. Or contact our experts for help finding exactly what you need before you buy.

Our Price: $36.57

Twister Pro Cup Wheels

Here at Blades & Bits, we sell the Twister Pro cup wheel for reliable surface preparation. This cup wheel is ideal for smoothing stone, masonry and other materials without leaving swirl marks or cuts, giving you the smoothest surface possible. The durable, aggressive design gives this wheel the power and durability necessary for even the most experienced contractors and is built to withstand rugged, frequent use. The Twister Pro high-speed cup wheels are designed to outlast the competition to save you money and time over the life of your projects.

Order the Twister Pro high-speed cup wheels now for fast, efficient and powerful performance for both wet and dry surfacing. Choose threaded or non-threaded and multiple sizes to find the right cup wheel for your toughest projects. Enjoy our competitive prices and fast shipping, or contact our experts for help finding exactly what you need.

Our Price: $39.36

ZZ Turbo Diamond Core Bit

The Blades & Bits ZZ Turbo core drilling bit is a powerful tool for cutting through pre-stressed concrete – concrete treated with compression to ensure it is able to withstand heavier loads. Our turbo core bit is designed with an extra-long barrel and deep segments for faster, cleaner cuts. The ZZ Turbo is made from the most durable materials with high-quality diamonds and built to withstand the most rugged applications. The affordability and versatility of this core bit makes it a must-have for contractors and anyone looking for the most reliable diamond core bits.

The ZZ Turbo is the most highly engineered core bit for hard pre-stressed concrete and built to exceed industry standards. Buy the ZZ Turbo core bit now for your next project to enjoy perfect cylindrical cuts for all of your toughest concrete cutting jobs, the most affordable prices on the market and our fast shipping on all orders.

8mm (.315) segment height
14- inch long barrel

Use Wet

Our Price: $65.94

Crack Seggy High-Speed Crack Chaser

The Crack Seggy is a powerful high-speed crack chaser used to widen cracks in concrete, masonry and other materials in preparation for sealing. Smoothing out cracks allows you to create a perfect seam that will easily hold sealant. The wide v-shaped gullets keep dirt and debris out of the way so you can create the cleanest lines possible. The Crack Seggy high-speed saw blade works with wet or dry applications and is built to withstand frequent, rugged use.

The Crack Seggy diamond blade is fast, efficient and durable. This blade can handle the toughest jobs with ease and is ideal for contractors looking for affordable blades that last. Buy now to take advantage of our great prices and fast shipping on each order, or contact our experts for help finding exactly what you need before you buy.

Our Price: $96.80